Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 7, 2012

This is been a great weekend. We celebrated my sister-in-law's birthday last night. We all had a great time. Went to church this morning and Sunday school. What a great message brother Jim gave us today.

I should get the money from my camper sometime next week. I really hate to see it go but is not doing me any good just sitting in my backyard. My family could use that money right now and so could I . I sometimes wish that I didn't buy it but then I would've spent the money on something else. This way, I can sell the camper and get my money back out of it and my family can enjoy it.

The Juke Joint Festival is next weekend. I always enjoy the flea market and all the festivities going on in the daytime. My niece Sarah has an art picture in one of the shops on display. I'm so proud of her. I have to work that morning at the old greyhound bus station cooking pancakes for my Lions Club.

The weather has been beautiful this weekend. I've been outside on the patio most of the weekend. I even ate supper out here tonight with my sweet little animals. It is just so beautiful out in the country this time of year. I just do not care for winter time. Spring summer and fall are are alright for me but not winter. I'm going to buy a fishing pole in the next couple of weekends and get my fishing license. I am not going to try to catch fish but I do want to practice casting. It is one of my hobbies that I'm trying to do this year. I don't need to just sit at home under the air conditioner and watch TV. That's part of my problem with me being overweight.

I hope to start planting my garden next weekend. I'm looking forward to it. I'm not gonna do it as big as I wanted to at first because I just don't have the manpower to work the garden and work full-time. I was gonna put some in buckets but I think I'm going to use the upside down plant holders. I've seen a lot of people use them and they had a lot of success with them. I want to grow the garden for me and my family and put up some of the vegetables in the freezer or canned in jars. I'm going to sell the rest if I have any left. I doubt that I will make a big crop this year because I'm just not going to plant a lot. This is my first go with this and I'm really excited but I have to think logically.

I am ready for a new start in life but rather right now I have to put that on hold. I am hopefully going to change jobs in the next few months. I need a little more money and health insurance more than anything. I do love my job and the people I work for but right now I have to watch out for Ruby because I am number one.


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