Friday, October 31, 2014

October 16, 2014

I live a very frugal life. I shop wisely and use coupons, cook most of my meals at home, store water, use candles for lights most of the time, and make my own carbonated drinks. I have two older vehicles that are paid for that I keep running. All my furniture doesn't match and it was either given to me or I bought it used. I rent a decent home in a small town and I just got cable after being without tv for a year. I don't have any complaints and I am very happy. I don't understand how people can live now days if they have bills. There is no way I could buy a home, new car, and have nice matching furniture with what I make. I work a full time job, babysit on the side, and work from home. I work like that because I have too.

What ticks me off more than anything is seeing lazy people sitting under a tree drinking beer when they should be working. Lazy people in Mississippi!!!

What do you do extra to prepare?

October 29, 2014

I watched a show on TLC called Home Sweet Bus last night. It's about a family of 17 that live full time in a 45 foot touring bus. (They are a family of Christian musicians from Mississippi) One of my goals is to buy a bus or camper and actually live in it. I changed my mind about one last year because of the problem I have with my cats & dogs. Don't think I could handle it with 17 people. I would go crazy. Ha

I am going to start cooking some crockpot meals this fall and start freezing what I don't eat. I can carry one of the packages to work for a great lunch. I don't have a lot of time to do it during the week but I can do it on the weekends. I can even cook some meals while I am at work. I love to can but don't have a lot of time. I will do some canning in the spring and summer. 


Preppers Questions

What do you have planned for some form of entertainment if you and your family have to leave your home for a few weeks? I have some playing cards, card games, a ball for tossing, hardback books, magazines, and crossword puzzles. You have to keep busy and so does your family so you won't go nuts. 

What kind or vegetables can you still grow in the fall in your part of the country?  

Halloween 2014

What are you going to do with all your left over Halloween candy? I am freezing mine in a large freezer bag. I can take what I want out of it and it will last me a long time. Tomorrow the stores will have all kinds of Halloween stuff on sale like plastic cups, hand soap, candy, pumpkins, and baking goods. 

I only had three kids tonight.  I am happy I had that many.  It's a whole lot better than none at all.  The cats and dogs enjoyed it.