Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 20, 2014

The week has been ok at work but it's only Tuesday. Things could be better but right now they aren't.
I am looking forward to my family reunion Saturday. I am going to plan one for the Cavallo's this fall. Not sure how I will do it but I am going to try it and see how well it goes.
I hope to make enough money with my side job to pay my Junes rent. Every little bit helps so I am working hard to get my bills in order. I need a part time job to help me get by. Don't really want to but i may have to.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 14, 2014

Hope everyone is doing well.  Great here.   I am making it day by day so that makes me happy.  A lot going on here lately.


My sweet dog Big Susie passed away. I found her deadMonday morning.  She lost her battle with heart worms.  She was a beautiful and loyal pet and I loved her so much.  I am still grieving over her.  I have a soft heart when it comes to animals.


I am still working on a family reunion for the Cavallo family. Not sure how to go about it but I am going to try.  I am going to see how it goes at the family reunion I am going to on my Mommas aunts side in two weeks.  I want to do this every year if I can ever get all the addresses. 


I am joining the Ladies In Black from Dumas, AR.  I met the founder at the SCV meeting in Helena, AR Monday.  She does a Medicine Show for different Civil War Reinactment events.  Very interesting lady.   I wont be able to meet a lot and I doubt I will only be able to go to a few memorials but its part of a group I want to join.  I am going to one of the meetings of the Order of the  Confederate Rose in Indianola, MS this summer.  I cant make them all because I am so far away but I can go to a few of them a year if I decide to join.  I love history and I want to study it and learn more about it through these groups.


I was going to the Spring Fest in Batesville, MS this weekend but decided not to because of the cost of fuel.  I have to save up my extra money for the summer because I want to get out and do something but its not looking to good.  I miss the flea markets and all the outdoor entertainment.  I have to plan for everything and this is not on my list this summer.


I don’t understand people who don’t want to work and then go begging their employer to loan them money when they don’t deserve it.  I work with a few like that.   They just don’t care  because if they don’t make it at work then Obama will take care of them with free food, electricity, housing, cell phones, & health care.  It is not fair but it’s the country we live in.  I guess I am just jealous because none of that applies to me.  I know so many people who want to work but cant find a job.  There are people with good paying jobs that don’t want to work.  They only work and half ass do that because they are forced to.  Losers!!!!


I am not going to take a vacation this summer but I am going to take my days off.  I am taking my last two days the Tuesday and Wednesday after Memorial Day.  I am going to have a really long Memorial Day weekend.  Not going to do anything but move some stuff around and work on my supply room.  I might take a trip to Helena and go to the new welcome center and go to their Civil War museum and Delta Cultural center.  I really wanted to go to the Ozarks but the move has changed my plans. I just don’t have any money to go anywhere.  Its sad when you work hard every day and still cant enjoy your life.  All I am doing is surviving.  I got to find a break one day because this is not what I wanted for myself. 


Better run for now.


All the best,




Monday, May 5, 2014

May 4, 2014

May 4, 2014

Great time in Olive Branch with my family today. I left after church. It was a hot drive back and worth but I made it. My air conditioner isn't working & the high was 91.

I am planning on taking my last two days of vacation Memorial Day weekend. I have another week off starting the first of July. I am taking off a few days in August but not planning on going anywhere. Not taking the whole week like I did last year.
I want to plan a Cavallo Family Reunion in September or October. It will be small since it's not much of us left. I am thinking about having it in a different town every year. I am going to start planning it this month. 

Monday morning rolls around and I didn't want to get up for work but I did. Forgot my wallet at home and I have no cash or cards on me. I guess I will be hungry today. 

I am so glad I am out of the old house and completely moved in my new house. This has been a long and tiresome move but it's over with now. Not planning on moving anytime soon either.