Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29, 2014

April 29, 2014



Well, its another great day in the life of Ruby.  Not a lot going on but it sure makes the days go by a little faster.  I am glad to see the weather a bit warmer so I cant complain.


I lost my good friend Marvin CarrawaySunday morning. I said a silent prayer in church for his full recovery.  I got a text that he passed away in Sunday school.  What a great man!  He will be missed by so many. 


I only like a few more things out of the house and I will be 100% moved.  Next time I move; I am going to get rid of things I don’t need and keep only what I need.  I will not be burdened with hauling junk around any more.  I will never completely settle down any time soon so I will always be a traveler.  I am going through my room with all the boxes this weekend and start getting rid of things I no longer have any use for.   I am going to make a clean break when I move next time.


I will not be taking a vacation this summer because of the move and the lack of funds.  I will take days off a few days during the summer and stay around the house. I had so many plans this summer but with the increase in my rent, the longer distance I have to drive to work, and the air conditioner not working in my truck made me change my plans.  Its all for the best because I didn’t have any major place I wanted to go.  I will try to go to Florida sometime in March and maybe make a trip to Rayville, LA in April of next year. 


My pets are adjusting well with the move. I am moving Holland this weekend to the new house. I am going to call the Tunica Humaine Society for the three puppies.  They are a little wild even though they know that I have been the one feeding them and giving them water.  I will continue to do so until they are saved.  I love my little animals so much.  I work so hard trying to make sure they are taken care of and have what they need to live and long and happy life.


We have had some really bad weather this spring.  I saw on the news where many people lost their lives near Little Rock, AR and Tupelo, MS.  A tornado touched down near Brandon, MS and parts of Jackson but I don’t think there were any fatalities.  I will continue to keep the families and friends of the victims of the tornadoes in my prayers.


I got a ticket three weeks ago for speeding.  I was wrong so I am not going to fight it and just pay it.  My friend in the city clerks office moved my court date up so I would have more time to pay it.  I hope it wont effect my car insurance to bad.  Its always good to be a good friend because people will be a good friend to you.


There are so many people hurting in this world.  I wish I could do something to help but I cant so I just keep praying for peace and comfort for everybody.  It is all in Gods will.


My mail will be going to a post office box starting next Monday. I am slowing changing my mailing address myself so nothing will get lost in transit.  I am going to keep it at the post office so I wont have so much to move when I make my next exit.  Its all in one place and I can always have them send it to me.  I can do this all my internet so it is very handy.  I do use Netflix so I am going to work out a way to get my movies on Wednesdays and Sundays at the post office.  That’s when I go to church so I think it will work out just fine. 

                                RUBY CAVALLO

                               PO Box 278

                               Friars Point, MS  38631






Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 24, 2014



This whole week has been bad.  I havent had a week like this in a long time.  I don’t know what I have done in my lifetime to have to deal with a bunch of troubles as I have this week. 


I was supposed to get my cable turned on yesterday but they never showed up or called.  I was furious!  I am so pissed off.  I had someone waiting there the whole time and the service man lied and when I caught them in a lie; they lied again.  I am going to find the town of Lula a new cable company to help them out.  I am going to be at their meeting in May to express my concerns and hope to get another cable company in the town.  If I treated my customers at work the way they treat their customers; I would be out of a job and would have a hard time finding another one too. 


The Juke Joint Festival was a big hit in Clarksdale.  I didn’t hear of any bad things going on.  That is good because there  are always bad things here.  I did the flea market outside and that’s it.  I do not do the nighttime festives.


I am slowly but surely getting everything out of the old house. I cant move some things by myself so I am kinda helpless.  A friend offered to help me move the big stuff next weekend and I am going to take him up on the offer.  Time for a new beginning.


Someone dropped off a little puppy at my old house.  He is so skinny and full of worms. I fed and watered him.  He was so hungry and thirsty.  I carried him to new home and fed and watered him again.  He stayed inside for a few hours last night but I had to put him out before I went to bed.  He stayed at the front porch the whole night.  Such a cute little feller.  I am going to try to find him a good home.  I have so many stray dogs that always flock to me.   I don’t have much but I will always have food for the cats and dogs that come around my house. 


I am settling in my new home quite well right now. I am glad I got my freezer moved the early part of the week.  I have been cooking a lot more than I normally do since I have a working stove.  Last night I cooked spaghetti and Italian bread. I carried a plate over to my neighbor across the street.  I have another plate for him tonightas well.  I love to cook and going to do a lot of it this summer.  I love to cook in the crock pot and I think I am going to cook a nice pot roast this weekend. 





Monday, April 14, 2014

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

This month has started off a little better than January.  It's still cold but not like it was in December and January.

I will be taking off a few days soon and go on a road trip.  I want to go when it's just a little warmer.  I have a few places I want to go but not definant yet.


February 24, 2014

I miss my friend Bruce but I know he is better off with his new love.  My heart has been broken but it's on the mends right now.  I hope that I will be fully healed in the next few weeks.  I am putting it all in the Lord's hands right now.


March 26, 2014



Its another day in the life of Ruby.  A lot going on and not a lot getting done.  All I can do is try to stay focused and move forward.


I am now having trouble with my garbage pick up.  I have to call all the time and it never gets done until I call about 3 times.  I hope they will come by today and pick up the garbage from last week because I have more garbage in my home for them to pick up on their regular route.  This is making me so angry.


I am looking at another house this weekend on Moon Lake.  It is much smaller than what I am used to living in and the rent will be higher.  It will be all worth it in the long run.  I cant deal with all this pressure of having to move and start all over. 


I doubt I will plant a garden this summer because I am having to move.  I hope to be able to set out some plants if I move in time.  I enjoy that so much but I know I can’t make any definant plans right now.  This will cut into my income this summer but I have faith that all my needs will be taken care of.  I am going to focus on selling Watkins products and find something else to sell this summer.  I have to keep motivated and get it all worked out.  I would go find a part time job if things don’t work out the way I planned.


I have been working on my website more in the past two weeks than I have in a while.  I am adding new things to it that has to do with growing your own food, living a self sustainable life, and gardening.  Check it out if you can. www.southernorganicgardens.com 


The weather around here has been awful. I am still running my heater at night because it gets so cold.  Propane costs so much so I have to run the electric heater and it doesn’t heat as well as propane.  I am ready for the true spring to get here. 


I have  changed so much since I excepted Christ and joined a Bible teaching church.  It is the best feeling of all.  I have made a huge different in my life and I am so grateful for the second chance.  There are two things I just do not agree with and I refuse to make any exceptions on my beliefs.  I pray every day that I can learn to except things as they are stop being so judgmental. 


The crime in Clarksdale is getting worse.  I am scared to go to the grocery store at night or on weekends.  Shopping on the 1st, 3rd, and food stamp day are out of the question.  That’s why I shop online most of the time.  I am all for keeping your money in your community but I am also all for staying alive and unhurt as long as you possibly can.  So much unnecessary hate and violence here.  Its bad every where but its worse here for sure. 


I will not be vacationing any this year because my plans always change at the last moment and I still cant go anywhere.  I am now planning to take a day or two off and that’s it.  If I go somewhere; I will.  If not then I will stay home and enjoy my days off. 


God bless,




April 7, 2014



I paid my rent on the house in Lula Saturday. I will move in completely next Monday.  I am going to take off three days to get my house organized and get the rest of the junk out of the old house.  I loved that old house and didn’t want to move but its all for the best.  Its all in the Lords hands now.


My dog Big Susie is not doing well.  She seems like she is ok and doesn’t hurt.  She is coughing up blood and lots of it.  I love her and I don’t want to put her down unless she is hurting and doesn’t have a good quality of life left.  I don’t want to be selfish and let her suffer.


I wont be going on any vacations this summer or this year.  I will only take off from work if I have to and that would have to be for doctors appointments and business.  I will go to the Methodist Annual Conference in June so I can use that as my vacation.  Not going to do much of anything except work hard and make as much money as I can.


I will not plant a commercial garden this summer because of poor planning on my part and having to move.  I will do a small planter garden for myself.  Next year may be different but right now; I am not going to worry with a big garden.  I wont be a pecan  farmer anymore either.  They are bulldozing the trees down this summer.  I do well on the pecans but last year was my last season. I will try to resell fresh peaches from a local orchard and maybe a little corn. 


Sunday was my dads birthday in Heaven.  If my calculations are correct; he would’ve been 116 years old.  He passed away in 1976 but I still remember him even though I was just a little girl when he passed away.


Work was hectic last week but Friday was good. I hope this week goes by fast and efficient.  I like it when things go well and are easy.  Hate it when obsticals get in the way and everything you worked for goes down the drain.  I have a good job and I hate it when things make me where I can’t perform well.


I do have good news about my mail situation.  I will be able to have my mail delivered to my house. I  have to put up a mailbox and I will be set.  I was so worried about that since the post office will be permenantly closed due to the tornado that messed it up. I couldn’t see driving to Dundee every day to get my mail.  I will let everybody know my new mailing address as soon as I get moved and have my mailbox put up.


I am going to start walking when it starts warming up.  I am going to walk the few blocks around where I live.  I heard there are some good neighbors and it will be safe.  I think it will do me a lot of good to walk after work or right before I get ready for work.   I will feel refreshed and ready to take on the hectic day.


We did get our health insurance April 1st.  I feel a lot better with it even though I hope I will never have to use it.  I will start going to the doctor when I need to instead of trying to cure it myself.  I did bump up my 401K to 5% too.  That is going to help me in the long run when I get old enough to retire.


I am having to cut corners this year until I get my bills straight.  I will have to start cooking at home and bringing a sack lunch.  Its going to be healthier for me too.


Better run.




Ruby J Cavallo

Logistics Manager

Saf T Cart

662-624-6492 phone

662-627-1640 fax



April 9, 2014 - April 14, 2014

APRIL 9, 2014 – APRIL 14, 2014



I did manage to get some stuff moved Monday while I waited for the gas man to come light my pilot and get my gas turned on.  I will finish moving all the big stuff this weekend and will use the rest of this month to get it cleaned out and stuff thrown away and given away. I have a lot of stuff for sale too.  I am ready to get it all out and start a new life where I am now.


My pipes were all busted at the new house.  I even had busted pipes in the inside.  The plumber came today and took care of all of it.  The bill was high but it had to be done.  I am going to try to pay them a little extra or pay for the lawn mowing to help them out. I want to be fair and help them as well. 


I am still frustrated over moving and its taken its toll on me. I am ready to put all this behind me and start over.  I know that I am going to downsize and get some stuff out of my house.  One person does not need a lot.  I can live off of very little and I plan on doing more with getting my house all fixed up.

My pipes were fixed when I got home. I am so glad because I can now start trying to live a normal life.  I   am getting some of my stuff from the old house a little at a time and try to sell off the rest of the stuff I don’t want.  I don’t want a lot of baggage holding me back. 

This weekend supposed to be really nice. I am looking forward to some nice sunshine and warm weather.  The cold weather and I do not agree at all.  I am going to enjoy this summer while it lasts. 


This weekend is the Juke Joint Festival. I always look forward to the daytime festivities.  I don’t care at all about the night time events going on.  I have to get up early Saturday and help with the pancake breakfast for the Sunset Lions Club.  I always enjoy doing that.  I will walk the carnival after I finish helping with the pancake breakfast and go home. 


I have always been kinda negative towards Clarksdale because of all the crime, lack of leadership, and all the people who wont work.  I do know that there are good people still left in the town and they love their hometown.  I try to be a little nicer and carefully express my own opinions.  Sometimes its just hard to keep my mouth closed at times.  I still live in Coahoma county so it’s not bad everywhere. Its just bad where there isn’t any leadership.


Easter is almost here.  Time for a new beginning is how I look at it.  The world changed when Jesus died on the cross.  It brought about a new change for all the world. We can now choose to except Him as our Savior and have everlasting life. 


April 14th

I had a flat on my truck Friday night so I couldn’t help with the pancake breakfast Saturday morning.  My friend Becky came by and gave me a ride to my car so I can get some stuff done.  I followed her to Clarksdale where I got some gas, went to eat at Atzimbas and walked the flea market.  Great time at the juke joint festival but I didn’t buy anything. 


My house is almost packed up and moved out.  I have the rest of this month to get stuff out. I am keeping my electricity on so I can get my stuff sold.  I hope to get my little freezer moved this weekend so I can have some food in the house.  I have been getting out what I need as I go. 

I have a lot to be thankful for and I am never going to forget that.  I have more than enough and I am grateful.  Life has been good to me and I know that now.  I just need to find something I like to do and go with it.  I am just not happy around here and I won’t be until I find my place in life.


I am going to my brothers for Easter this coming weekend. I am going to go to my church EasterSunday morning and leave going to Leo’s.  We have an Easter egg hunt after church but I won’t stay for it this year.    I was going to go to Leo’sSaturday night and spend the night and go to church with them Sunday nightbut I wanted to be in my own little church Easter morning.     

We had  a bad storm last night and lost power for a few hours.  I am prepared so I was taken care of.   I have a fan that runs off of USB and one that runs off of batteries.  I was still cool and comfortable last night.  I have Entergy in Lula and I can report an outage with my Iphone. I have to check on the old house this afternoon so I can see if I had a power outage. I am the only one on that line so there is no way of them knowing if I don’t call.


Better run.