Saturday, January 31, 2015

Why I Prep

I have a lot of people ask me why I am always working when I should be enjoying life. It's hard to explain to someone who does well or one who is ok just getting by that it takes a little extra to make it. This is my story of why I work so hard.

Four years ago; I was riding my 4 wheeler and rode right into a swarm of nats. They got in my eyes and I could not see. My dog Kincade saw what happened and led me to the house by me holding on to her collar. I managed to get the contacts out of my eyes but my eyes had closed shut and my face was swollen.

I got up the next morning and drove to work by driving with one hand and the other hand holding an eye open. I got to work and I was told I need to go to the doctor. I didn't have insurance, no money, and the eye doctor I called wanted $200.00 up front. I was already struggling so I didn't have the money to go to the doctor and was ashamed to ask family and friends. 

My friend and co-worker Courtney called his wife who worked for an eye doctor in Memphis to see if her boss could help me. He took several pictures of my face and told his wife what happened. The eye doctor she worked for gave me the medicine I needed because if I had waited; I could've gone blind.

I now refuse to rely on one income because one income only gets you by and not ahead. I started looking for ways to make to make money on the side. My friend Debra told me about a family that needed a babysitter at night twice a month. (She even offered what she could so I could go to the doctor but I couldn't take her money.) I got the job & started babysitting then I started doing computer work at home, help people set up business plans, dog & cat sitting, selling on eBay, trading for stuff, buying from yard sales, reselling, and I even babysat a pet snake for two weeks.

I use my side money to pay for things in advance, buy extra food, water, medicine, and house hold items. 
I have been driving the same truck for 10 years but I don't care because it's paid for and so is my Volvo. It's a whole lot easier to make choices when your debt free. 
I don't have a lot of material things but I am happy knowing that what I do have is paid for and I am not at risk of being broken into because not even a robber would want 10 year, outdated stuff. I don't dress fancy and my socks never match my clothes. I became a simple woman with a willingness to survive and make it in this world.

If you know of someone struggling; please don't put them down or suggest ideas that was intended to insult them. If you can't help a person; don't try to hurt them. 
Just remember one thing about this post and it will change the way you think. A woman  who is debt free with no commitments, no ties, stock pile of necessities, a few dollars in the bank, etc is powerful because all she needs is God by her side, supportive family, and her willingness to be self sufficient. Nothing else matters.


Ruby Cavallo

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