Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31, 2009

Hello everyone. Happy New Year. This is my last blog for the 2009 year. I hope to be back one day next weekend to let you know what happened over the weekend.

I will be moving some of my stuff today since i get off work at noon. I called April and she told me where the key was. I am not going to move my cats or Kincade until tomorrow. I am so excited to be moving but hate all the stress. I am going to love it out there. I have so many plans but I am going to make it all worth wild.

Hope everyone has a great New Years. Be careful and safe out there.

ps, I will have another contest for January. Will let you know the details about it next week.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30, 2009

Well, 2009 is almost over and time to ring in 2010. I am really looking for the New Year. I am planning on making changes and its all for the good.

Work is going well but awfully slow today. I doubt we will have anything going out. I am pecking away at the computer and being bored. Hope I get to work tomorrow because I cant afford to take a day off without pay.

I am moving in my new house january 1st. I am so excited. I hope we will have nice weather to move in. I am ready to live out in the country and in a nice, roomy house.

No one signed up for my free giveaway contest. I will be doing another one in January. Hope we will have a few people enter.

God bless! Hope you have a pleasant day.

Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18, 2009

Its Friday! I am so ready to get paid so I can get a few last minute gifts that I need to take care of before Christmas. My oldest niece wants a gift card or money. I bought her an Ole Miss t-shirt so far. I am going to give her a gift card but wanted her to have at least two gifts from me at Christmas.

I got another addition to my family last night. I got a cute brindle kitten from one of my neighbors. I am sure she is 6 weeks old. They had her named Tinkerbell so I am keeping that name. She is adorable! My other cats are checking her out but my dog Kincade likes to play with her. Kincade is very protective of Buffy Paige even though they used to not get along when she was little. Now they are buddies and Kincade is the protective big sister.

I babysitted my two little girls Reagan and Kenlyn last night. They are great girls. I love them dearly. Will get to keep them more often once I move since I will be closer to them.

I am trying to decide where I want to go tomorrow. I may end up at Southaven or Oxford. My two favorite places to shop and get away from here. I want to go to Sam's so it may be Southaven. Never know with them.

Hope everyone is about ready for Christmas. I am and glad I started shopping early. Until then; good day everyone.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Contest 12/17/09

Hello friends, I decided I would offer a contest this Christmas season. The rules are you have to write a short story about a Christmas that you will never forget. I will print out all who entered and pick one on Sunday December 20th. Your prize will be shipped out promptly on Monday December 21st. Email me with any questions you might have. Winners will be announced in my blog on Monday.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15, 2009

I finally got my shopping done Saturday morning. I am still going to look for stocking stuffers and a few other things. Haven't bought the first thing for my pets but I will this weekend. I usually buy myself something after everyone else has been taken care of. I am thinking maybe a blue ray dvd player or something else for my house. Not sure yet. I am looking forward to Christmas this year. I am so grateful for a lot of things that I have or don't have.

Got some really hurtful news yesterday about something said about me back in April. I am not mad; just embarrised by it all. I am nothing like what she said either and people know that. I am not fancy by all means but not a moocher. Glad I know now because I sure won't be smiling in her face any longer. I can forgive people who hurt me but I damn sure won't give them a chance to say anything else to me & hurt me again.

Not much going on in my boring life. I am just making the most of my life and enjoying it while I can. I am hoping for a pleasant weekend so I can some packing done and make more arrangements.

Until then, Bye

Friday, December 11, 2009

DECEMBER 11, 2009

I am so glad its Friday. I have to make my truck payment today and then see what I have left for my last minute shopping for Christmas. I don't have much to go but I am going to do it while I have the extra money.

I am slowly getting ready to move. I am at a stand still with all that is going on. The cold weather is not helping much either. I am going to get my stuff packed so I can hopefully get moved by next weekend if all possible. April and William want to be in their new home by Christmas.

I think I am going to enjoy my weekend at home and maybe go to the library and check out some books, dvd's, and look around. What a beautiful library and I want to take advantage of it. We are so grateful to have a great library in Coahoma county for all of us to enjoy.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 5, 2009

I am learning how life is going to be like out in the country with no internet. I am at the Carnaige Public Library right now on their public computer. I can do this on Saturdays when I need to use the computer when my cell phones internet. My internet is down at home right now so I am taking advantage of this learning experience.

I had a good week at work. Not to much confusion until our Master Tools and internet all went down Friday. It was awful but we made it through. Wish that everyone could work together in the front office. I find that being in the back helps me have a great day and then I can tolerate more of what goes on.

Going to sit home this weekend and start getting rid of some stuff out of my apartment. I have so much junk but I will slowly get rid. Not going to move all that junk in the new house.

This morning; I am really seeing the true purpose of the public library. It is truly amazing here. I was the kind to really take for granted the availabilty of everything we have. I am going to use the library more often and donate money to them from time to time.

Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30, 2009

Today went by well. I got a lot of things done at work. I am glad i am in the shiipping department so I won't have to be involved in the drama up front. Like my cozy little office out back.

Jerethia is down from Nashville so it was good seeing her and visiting with her. I went to Atzimbas with Lesa and Jerethia tonight. Had a great time. She is 44 and never married. We connect very well.

I heard from April McKee this morning. She and William should be moving out of the house on Dog Bog Road before Christmas. I will start cleaning and moving in when they leave. I will start paying rent in January. I am still trying to decide if I am going to keep my furniture or not. I am going to decorate for Christmas and get a tree this weekend. It won't be big one like last year. Maybe one in a pot thats live so I can plant it at my new home. Hope to spend the night in my new home Christmas weekend. I am so excited!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 29, 2009

Today is my first official blog on Google. My friend rachel recommended it to me. I had one on Yahoo 360 but they discontinued it so I dont get to blog there anymore.

I had a great Thanksgiving weekend. I got off Wednesday afternoon from work and headed straight to Wal-mart to get that last minute grocery shopping done for Thanksgiving. i had a cake and some pies already made for me to take over to my brothers house. Needless to say; i was tired by the time I got home.

I went to my brothers house for Thanksgiving lunch and spend several hours visiting with my family. My friend Norman Bullock from Cleveland, MS came over and we went to my friends Rachel and Richard Crismans for Thanksgiving dinner. We all had a great time. Norman and I watched a movie and then he went home.

I officially started my Christmas shopping Saturday. I rode to Oxford and had a nice lunch, bought some Christmas presents, went to a movie, and then to Lowes. Had a wonderful time. I want to do it again next weekend if I can. I love this time of year!

Hope you enjoyed my blog today. I am going to post a blog at least 4 times a week if I am able too. Have a nice day! Ruby