Saturday, April 13, 2013

Juke Joint Festival 4/12/13

Had a grand time at the juke joint festival. The weather is perfect and the timing was right this year. I worked the pancake breakfast for the Lions Club for a few hours. I walked the festival and got a lot of handouts. I even bought a Delta Bohemian t-shirt.

I want to go somewhere Sunday but can't make up my mind. Might be just as well I stay home. My house is clean and I want to plant more flowers. I need to go get a few more plants tomorrow. I bought 3 new, colorful flower pots for the patio. I want to make my yard look nice this summer. My patio is going to be my place to be this summer. I want to buy a few more chairs so I can entertain.

My teeth are giving me fits again. I supposed to go to Dr. Roberts Monday afternoon and he's going to do with you can help me. I'm taking ibuprofen but it only helps for an hour or so. I am glad I took out that dental insurance last year. Wish I had done that a long time ago.

I was hoping Bruce would come over this weekend. I guess he is to busy with farming and his son. He never has time for me but I still wait patiently.


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