Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! This morning I went to church and we had a wonderful Easter Sunday service. After church the children had an Easter egg hunt. I didn't get to stay long after church because I had to finish cooking. My family came over and all had a good lunch and enjoyed our day together. It was rainy and wet so we really didn't get to do much outside. We were all together and we had a good time and that's what counts.

I know a lot of people that that really don't know what Easter is or what it's all about.. I try to talk to them but they don't want to listen. I feel that I should be a witness to them but sometimes it is hard to get across to others when their heart is so against Jesus.

I saw a documentary on HBO this afternoon. It was about people living in poverty and not having enough to eat because they have lost their job or doctor bills have overwhelmed them. These people couldn't even get food stamps or any kind of government assistance. I just don't understand how our government works. They only help the ones who don't want to work and the ones trying to don't get anything. Sad world we live in.

Happy Easter!


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