Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 19, 2013

I had an interesting weekend. Some thugs were trying to scope out the house. Maybe I was just imagining things or just overprotective but I was really scared. My friends on Facebook were great supporters since I live out here by myself. It is also a good way to document things that happen.

The sheriffs department is not going to do much out here. I called them several times over the period of four years and they have never shown up. I'm going to call my supervisor today and make a complaint on them if the service department doesn't do anything about this. I just don't understand what they won't come out here in at least talk to me and see if they can help me. I want to document in case something ever happens that I wouldn't be blamed for it.

Work went well Monday. I wish all days would go as smooth as they did yesterday. Debra was out with her dad and Chris was out sick. It was just Debbie Courtney Anna and me. I went back and forth from the shipping department to the office all day yesterday. Jim saw that we were shorthanded and he paid for our lunch.

It stormed most of Monday. I heard that two 18 wheelers were turned over on hwy 49. Don't think anybody was hurt.


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