Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29, 2014

April 29, 2014



Well, its another great day in the life of Ruby.  Not a lot going on but it sure makes the days go by a little faster.  I am glad to see the weather a bit warmer so I cant complain.


I lost my good friend Marvin CarrawaySunday morning. I said a silent prayer in church for his full recovery.  I got a text that he passed away in Sunday school.  What a great man!  He will be missed by so many. 


I only like a few more things out of the house and I will be 100% moved.  Next time I move; I am going to get rid of things I don’t need and keep only what I need.  I will not be burdened with hauling junk around any more.  I will never completely settle down any time soon so I will always be a traveler.  I am going through my room with all the boxes this weekend and start getting rid of things I no longer have any use for.   I am going to make a clean break when I move next time.


I will not be taking a vacation this summer because of the move and the lack of funds.  I will take days off a few days during the summer and stay around the house. I had so many plans this summer but with the increase in my rent, the longer distance I have to drive to work, and the air conditioner not working in my truck made me change my plans.  Its all for the best because I didn’t have any major place I wanted to go.  I will try to go to Florida sometime in March and maybe make a trip to Rayville, LA in April of next year. 


My pets are adjusting well with the move. I am moving Holland this weekend to the new house. I am going to call the Tunica Humaine Society for the three puppies.  They are a little wild even though they know that I have been the one feeding them and giving them water.  I will continue to do so until they are saved.  I love my little animals so much.  I work so hard trying to make sure they are taken care of and have what they need to live and long and happy life.


We have had some really bad weather this spring.  I saw on the news where many people lost their lives near Little Rock, AR and Tupelo, MS.  A tornado touched down near Brandon, MS and parts of Jackson but I don’t think there were any fatalities.  I will continue to keep the families and friends of the victims of the tornadoes in my prayers.


I got a ticket three weeks ago for speeding.  I was wrong so I am not going to fight it and just pay it.  My friend in the city clerks office moved my court date up so I would have more time to pay it.  I hope it wont effect my car insurance to bad.  Its always good to be a good friend because people will be a good friend to you.


There are so many people hurting in this world.  I wish I could do something to help but I cant so I just keep praying for peace and comfort for everybody.  It is all in Gods will.


My mail will be going to a post office box starting next Monday. I am slowing changing my mailing address myself so nothing will get lost in transit.  I am going to keep it at the post office so I wont have so much to move when I make my next exit.  Its all in one place and I can always have them send it to me.  I can do this all my internet so it is very handy.  I do use Netflix so I am going to work out a way to get my movies on Wednesdays and Sundays at the post office.  That’s when I go to church so I think it will work out just fine. 

                                RUBY CAVALLO

                               PO Box 278

                               Friars Point, MS  38631






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