Monday, April 14, 2014

March 26, 2014



Its another day in the life of Ruby.  A lot going on and not a lot getting done.  All I can do is try to stay focused and move forward.


I am now having trouble with my garbage pick up.  I have to call all the time and it never gets done until I call about 3 times.  I hope they will come by today and pick up the garbage from last week because I have more garbage in my home for them to pick up on their regular route.  This is making me so angry.


I am looking at another house this weekend on Moon Lake.  It is much smaller than what I am used to living in and the rent will be higher.  It will be all worth it in the long run.  I cant deal with all this pressure of having to move and start all over. 


I doubt I will plant a garden this summer because I am having to move.  I hope to be able to set out some plants if I move in time.  I enjoy that so much but I know I can’t make any definant plans right now.  This will cut into my income this summer but I have faith that all my needs will be taken care of.  I am going to focus on selling Watkins products and find something else to sell this summer.  I have to keep motivated and get it all worked out.  I would go find a part time job if things don’t work out the way I planned.


I have been working on my website more in the past two weeks than I have in a while.  I am adding new things to it that has to do with growing your own food, living a self sustainable life, and gardening.  Check it out if you can. 


The weather around here has been awful. I am still running my heater at night because it gets so cold.  Propane costs so much so I have to run the electric heater and it doesn’t heat as well as propane.  I am ready for the true spring to get here. 


I have  changed so much since I excepted Christ and joined a Bible teaching church.  It is the best feeling of all.  I have made a huge different in my life and I am so grateful for the second chance.  There are two things I just do not agree with and I refuse to make any exceptions on my beliefs.  I pray every day that I can learn to except things as they are stop being so judgmental. 


The crime in Clarksdale is getting worse.  I am scared to go to the grocery store at night or on weekends.  Shopping on the 1st, 3rd, and food stamp day are out of the question.  That’s why I shop online most of the time.  I am all for keeping your money in your community but I am also all for staying alive and unhurt as long as you possibly can.  So much unnecessary hate and violence here.  Its bad every where but its worse here for sure. 


I will not be vacationing any this year because my plans always change at the last moment and I still cant go anywhere.  I am now planning to take a day or two off and that’s it.  If I go somewhere; I will.  If not then I will stay home and enjoy my days off. 


God bless,




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