Monday, April 14, 2014

April 9, 2014 - April 14, 2014

APRIL 9, 2014 – APRIL 14, 2014



I did manage to get some stuff moved Monday while I waited for the gas man to come light my pilot and get my gas turned on.  I will finish moving all the big stuff this weekend and will use the rest of this month to get it cleaned out and stuff thrown away and given away. I have a lot of stuff for sale too.  I am ready to get it all out and start a new life where I am now.


My pipes were all busted at the new house.  I even had busted pipes in the inside.  The plumber came today and took care of all of it.  The bill was high but it had to be done.  I am going to try to pay them a little extra or pay for the lawn mowing to help them out. I want to be fair and help them as well. 


I am still frustrated over moving and its taken its toll on me. I am ready to put all this behind me and start over.  I know that I am going to downsize and get some stuff out of my house.  One person does not need a lot.  I can live off of very little and I plan on doing more with getting my house all fixed up.

My pipes were fixed when I got home. I am so glad because I can now start trying to live a normal life.  I   am getting some of my stuff from the old house a little at a time and try to sell off the rest of the stuff I don’t want.  I don’t want a lot of baggage holding me back. 

This weekend supposed to be really nice. I am looking forward to some nice sunshine and warm weather.  The cold weather and I do not agree at all.  I am going to enjoy this summer while it lasts. 


This weekend is the Juke Joint Festival. I always look forward to the daytime festivities.  I don’t care at all about the night time events going on.  I have to get up early Saturday and help with the pancake breakfast for the Sunset Lions Club.  I always enjoy doing that.  I will walk the carnival after I finish helping with the pancake breakfast and go home. 


I have always been kinda negative towards Clarksdale because of all the crime, lack of leadership, and all the people who wont work.  I do know that there are good people still left in the town and they love their hometown.  I try to be a little nicer and carefully express my own opinions.  Sometimes its just hard to keep my mouth closed at times.  I still live in Coahoma county so it’s not bad everywhere. Its just bad where there isn’t any leadership.


Easter is almost here.  Time for a new beginning is how I look at it.  The world changed when Jesus died on the cross.  It brought about a new change for all the world. We can now choose to except Him as our Savior and have everlasting life. 


April 14th

I had a flat on my truck Friday night so I couldn’t help with the pancake breakfast Saturday morning.  My friend Becky came by and gave me a ride to my car so I can get some stuff done.  I followed her to Clarksdale where I got some gas, went to eat at Atzimbas and walked the flea market.  Great time at the juke joint festival but I didn’t buy anything. 


My house is almost packed up and moved out.  I have the rest of this month to get stuff out. I am keeping my electricity on so I can get my stuff sold.  I hope to get my little freezer moved this weekend so I can have some food in the house.  I have been getting out what I need as I go. 

I have a lot to be thankful for and I am never going to forget that.  I have more than enough and I am grateful.  Life has been good to me and I know that now.  I just need to find something I like to do and go with it.  I am just not happy around here and I won’t be until I find my place in life.


I am going to my brothers for Easter this coming weekend. I am going to go to my church EasterSunday morning and leave going to Leo’s.  We have an Easter egg hunt after church but I won’t stay for it this year.    I was going to go to Leo’sSaturday night and spend the night and go to church with them Sunday nightbut I wanted to be in my own little church Easter morning.     

We had  a bad storm last night and lost power for a few hours.  I am prepared so I was taken care of.   I have a fan that runs off of USB and one that runs off of batteries.  I was still cool and comfortable last night.  I have Entergy in Lula and I can report an outage with my Iphone. I have to check on the old house this afternoon so I can see if I had a power outage. I am the only one on that line so there is no way of them knowing if I don’t call.


Better run.




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