Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 24, 2014



This whole week has been bad.  I havent had a week like this in a long time.  I don’t know what I have done in my lifetime to have to deal with a bunch of troubles as I have this week. 


I was supposed to get my cable turned on yesterday but they never showed up or called.  I was furious!  I am so pissed off.  I had someone waiting there the whole time and the service man lied and when I caught them in a lie; they lied again.  I am going to find the town of Lula a new cable company to help them out.  I am going to be at their meeting in May to express my concerns and hope to get another cable company in the town.  If I treated my customers at work the way they treat their customers; I would be out of a job and would have a hard time finding another one too. 


The Juke Joint Festival was a big hit in Clarksdale.  I didn’t hear of any bad things going on.  That is good because there  are always bad things here.  I did the flea market outside and that’s it.  I do not do the nighttime festives.


I am slowly but surely getting everything out of the old house. I cant move some things by myself so I am kinda helpless.  A friend offered to help me move the big stuff next weekend and I am going to take him up on the offer.  Time for a new beginning.


Someone dropped off a little puppy at my old house.  He is so skinny and full of worms. I fed and watered him.  He was so hungry and thirsty.  I carried him to new home and fed and watered him again.  He stayed inside for a few hours last night but I had to put him out before I went to bed.  He stayed at the front porch the whole night.  Such a cute little feller.  I am going to try to find him a good home.  I have so many stray dogs that always flock to me.   I don’t have much but I will always have food for the cats and dogs that come around my house. 


I am settling in my new home quite well right now. I am glad I got my freezer moved the early part of the week.  I have been cooking a lot more than I normally do since I have a working stove.  Last night I cooked spaghetti and Italian bread. I carried a plate over to my neighbor across the street.  I have another plate for him tonightas well.  I love to cook and going to do a lot of it this summer.  I love to cook in the crock pot and I think I am going to cook a nice pot roast this weekend. 





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