Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 11, 2011

June 11, 2011

Had a long, hot week at work. I was so glad to see Friday afternoon get here. I love my job and that's what keeps me going.

Diet is doing ok. Friday was my cheat day. I still watched my carb intake but ate stuff I normally wouldn't eat. I am going to walk some this weekend to get started on my exercise program.

I am joining the Friars Point Methodist Church this Sunday. I am so excited. I gave already started making changes in my life. Ready for my new Christian life !!!!

I went on and opened my Regions checking account up again. I think I made a right choice. I need to keep up with my bills and money a little better. I may be buying another vehicle in September or October . I am trying to weigh in all I have to see what I can afford. The insurance will double and the tag will be high too. I don't go anywhere now so I know I wouldn't be going anywhere then.

I am working today at saftcart. I have some freight bills to audit and a few more odds and ends that I don't have time for during the weekend. I need the money too so any overtime I can get is a help.


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