Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 5, 2009

I am learning how life is going to be like out in the country with no internet. I am at the Carnaige Public Library right now on their public computer. I can do this on Saturdays when I need to use the computer when my cell phones internet. My internet is down at home right now so I am taking advantage of this learning experience.

I had a good week at work. Not to much confusion until our Master Tools and internet all went down Friday. It was awful but we made it through. Wish that everyone could work together in the front office. I find that being in the back helps me have a great day and then I can tolerate more of what goes on.

Going to sit home this weekend and start getting rid of some stuff out of my apartment. I have so much junk but I will slowly get rid. Not going to move all that junk in the new house.

This morning; I am really seeing the true purpose of the public library. It is truly amazing here. I was the kind to really take for granted the availabilty of everything we have. I am going to use the library more often and donate money to them from time to time.

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