Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18, 2009

Its Friday! I am so ready to get paid so I can get a few last minute gifts that I need to take care of before Christmas. My oldest niece wants a gift card or money. I bought her an Ole Miss t-shirt so far. I am going to give her a gift card but wanted her to have at least two gifts from me at Christmas.

I got another addition to my family last night. I got a cute brindle kitten from one of my neighbors. I am sure she is 6 weeks old. They had her named Tinkerbell so I am keeping that name. She is adorable! My other cats are checking her out but my dog Kincade likes to play with her. Kincade is very protective of Buffy Paige even though they used to not get along when she was little. Now they are buddies and Kincade is the protective big sister.

I babysitted my two little girls Reagan and Kenlyn last night. They are great girls. I love them dearly. Will get to keep them more often once I move since I will be closer to them.

I am trying to decide where I want to go tomorrow. I may end up at Southaven or Oxford. My two favorite places to shop and get away from here. I want to go to Sam's so it may be Southaven. Never know with them.

Hope everyone is about ready for Christmas. I am and glad I started shopping early. Until then; good day everyone.


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