Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

I got a lot going on in the past few weeks.  Good and bad news but its still news. 


I went on a short vacation July 14th and 15th to Heber Springs, AR.  I met my cousin there and we spent the day touring the town and seeing all the sites. I am not a fisherman but I can be if I needed to in order to survive. Plenty of trout and other tasty fish in their lakes.  I made that short trip to see what kind of place it would be for me and my family to bug out to if it ever got really bad in Mississippi.  Heber Springs is a wonderful place to vacation and go on retreats.  Plenty of woods, waterways, caves, and mountains.  I would retreat to there if things got so bad where I lived that I had to find a safe home.  Beautiful area with plenty of resources.  I plan to make another trip in December if things go well and I can afford another trip.


I do have a little good news.  Saf T Cart will start running 6 days a week.  I am already getting 52 hours a week 5 days a week.  The extra 8 hours will really come in handy.  I will be able to put more money back and save a little.  I might even get Directv or DishNetwork but not sure if I will be able to afford it or not. I try to live off of a certain amount and put back the rest.  So far I am going well on the 4 channels I get on antenna and the internet. 


Friars Point Methodist Church had a very successful turn out with a program on the Mississippi brown bears.  We had over 60 people and it turns out great.  I still have people asking me about it and they say that that they wish they could’ve been there to see it all.  Wayne Winter did a great job with the program and Flo and Allen Shackelford did a wonderful job organizing it.  Looking forward to the next show.


I will be attending a preppers expo in Oxford, AlabamaSeptember 5th – 7th. I am starting to save up money for it now.  I am going as a guest but hope to get a spot as a speaker, put on a show, or have my own booth next year. I am going to see how this show goes and I may try to be there next year and have my own booth.  I have already started posting on my prepper site and on others that I am a member of. Hope to get more people involved between now and then.  I am going to contact them and see if they can email me some fliers or mail me some to hand out and mail to other people.  Here is the website.  Go to it and check it out.


I have some fresh potatoes my cousin gave me from her garden.  I cooked a few already and they are wonderful.  I am going to be cooking a lot in the next few weeks and carry my own lunch since its going to be much cheaper than eating out.  I have to save all I can so I can go on my many trips I have planned by the end of this year.  Eating from home is much cheaper and its healthier too.


Did any of you plant a garden this summer?  I didn’t this year because I had to move and didn’t have a garden spot at the time. I wish I stayed in my old house until the fall.  I had plenty of room there and I could’ve done well again this summer.  Not sure if I will be in Lula, MS after this summer but if I do; I will most definitely have a garden again.  I made money with the past few I have had since I lived on Dog Bog Rd and I plan on selling what I don’t use to the public. 


I ran across another website geared towards woman and prepping.  Good website with a lot of helpful information.  I saw a few books on there that I am interested in buying soon.  Please check it out if you get a chance.


Have a nice day!






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