Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 10, 2014

July 10, 2014


Its another day and I can only pray that I don’t see or hear any bad news.  I was to late because I just read the latest edition of the Clarksdale Press Register.  Mrs Gordon was savagely beaten and robbed two years ago.  She identified the culprit, had him on camera where he followed her from Double Quick, and her husband heard her screams and beat him off of her.  The 79 year old lady was in the hospital for 4 weeks because of what he did to her. The Clarksdale Police Dept arrested him but let him out on his own recognizance because her testimony &   her husbands were not good enough.  Well, Mrs Gordon passed away sometime this year.  The thug who did all that to her walked yesterday because Mrs Gordon passed away before he could stand trial.  She passed away as a result to the injuries she sustained by that monster.  Only in Democrat Clarksdale, MS & Mississippi could something like happen.  So sick of this shitty County. I live in Lula so its not bad like Clarksdale but its still “dark” and its not a place I want to be. 


Monday, I said my farewell to my friend Ronny Leist.  He and his wife Shirley were good friends of mine.  I know God has a plan for all his Earthly Angels and He just saw fit that Ronny needed to be with Him again.  Hope to go see my friend Shirley soon.


I am taking next week off a few days next week to do a little job hunting and relaxing.  I cant make up my mind if I want to stay in this area and keep working for Saf T Cart or go on and make a move and find employment close by and leave when I get ready to move.  I don’t want to be working here longer than 5 years unless I just have to.  I am going to make my move in March 2015 for sure but will start planning everything by the end of the year.  I will be making plenty of trips to The Ozarks after the first of the year to find a job and a place to live.  Can’t live in fear anymore.  Time for a change to better myself and more than I can be by working in a better environment.  I am tired of working hard and barely making it. 


My sweet pets are all doing well.  My cat Bella Donna is getting old and not doing too well. She has bad trouble with hairballs.  I am looking for better medicine for her this weekend.  Maggie is overwhelmed at all the playmates she has but she is loving all the attention.


I will no longer be doing the neighborhood watch in Friars Point since I moved from that area.  I stopped doing it the first Monday in this month.  I am hesitant about starting one in Lula but I will use the month of July to see what I am going to do. I am just taking a break from all volunteer jobs I do.  I will still work with the TRAPT team and still do search and rescue with Kincade when bad weather strikes but I have to have another person with me.  Times are to scary to go out and try to help when most of the people around here want to hurt.  I have also changed my route on the TRAPT team to focus on Moon Lake & Lula.  I will stick with these plans until I get ready to move.


There is so much hate in the world.  I am scared to read the newspaper or watch the news.  Is it bad every where or just bad around here is my question.  People leaving their children in locked cars, killing each other, hurting animals, etc.  The list goes on.  Peace has to come before all of us are going to be gone.  I am glad I excepted Christ.  Best decision I have ever made.


I am looking forward to my weeks vacation in August.  I am not sure where I am going yet but I do have a few destinations I want to travel too.  I am not considering next week as a vacation but a way to recooperate and get some of this stress off of me.  I may end up on a beach in Florida, mountains of Tennessee, or the swamps of Louisiana.  All I know is its going to be an adventure and I am going to enjoy myself like I did last year.  I want to go on a camping trip but you never know with me. I am not one for making plans and expecting them to still be the same when I get ready to leave.  Ha


I am not posting a lot on my Facebook group because I am so tired and stressed out at the end of the day. I am going to do a lot of posting next week.  I got a lot of material that will be helpful to others. 


Gotta run. 




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