Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Day

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Becky's today.  Ate way to much but boy was it good.  I visited a while then me and Leo went back to their house.  I stayed a little while and I went home.  I was so glad to see my little dog Maggie.  She and I have been snuggling on the couch today.

Watching movies tonight and enjoying the warmth.  I am so blessed to have what I do have.  I work so hard and try to maintain a nice home.

I ordered a computer mic and stand.  I am going to broadcast my first podcast to the world next weekend.  I am going to work on what I will talk about this weekend.  I have to check out some books and look up some information too.  Excited about this and hope I do well with it.  I just hope I can remember my user name and password.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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