Friday, August 23, 2013

Vacation Days 3 & 4

Vacation Days 3 & 4

Had a great time Wednesday in Stuttgart, AR. Mack's Prairie Wings is an awesome store and the set up is breathtaking. I stopped by the Louisiana Purchase State Park and walked on the board walk. Nice place, well kept, and peaceful. I will be back again soon. 

I stopped by my friend Rocky's furniture store and visited with him and his brother for a while. I even saw some furniture I wanted but I have to make sure I am staying around here before I make any new purchases.

I don't know how able people who can work can sit at home and expect someone else to take care of them. I would go completely crazy if I stayed home all the time. I did manage to keep myself busy this week but I am running out of things to do. I had to get creative yesterday because I was running out of things to do. 

Thursday, I rode to Oxford to see my aunt and uncle. I carried my little dog Maggie with me. We had a great time. Maggie tried to bite the UPS man and growled at everyone in Petsmart. 
Hope Friday is a good one. Last day of my vacation.


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