Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 18, 2013 (My 44th birthday)

Had a grand time at my brothers for my birthday party.  Good food and just being together made me so happy.  Great gifts too.

Becky, Dana, & I had a great time last night at The Redbirds game.  We had a rain delay but the got to finish their game.  The food and fireworks were great too.  Perfect weather for a nighttime ball game.

I bought two nice blouses this afternoon. I like all this going out so I want to look sharp.  Ha ha.  I am going to buy some new underclothes, bras, and socks next week.  

I an going to start tomorrow morning off by coloring my hair.  I got it cut Saturday morning.  My grey is really showing now that I am getting older.  I am going to color it darker in the fall.  It might make me feel better.



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