Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5, 2012

I am back sick and it doesnt look like I can keep going without going to the doctor. I am going to go Friday if I can make it that long. Being sick for 6 weeks is to long for anyone and I do need to go on to the doctor. Can't wait till friday!!!!!!!!!! I get my Christmas club plus my match that Saftcart gives me. I need that money so bad to help catch up my rent. I am sending them $450.00 Friday. I wont have any left but I will have peace of mind that my bills are getting paid and I am trying. I decided not to go to Yellville, AR this weekend. Bills come first. I may go the following weekend. It all depends on money. I want to go so bad. If I dont go next weekend; I wont be able to go till February or March. I have most of my Christmas shopping done. The kids want money so thats what they are getting this year. I am going to give it to them the weekend before Christmas so they can go out and enjoy themselves. I am hopefully going to get my 32 inch tv and my other stuff out of layaway this friday. I have paid on it for several weeks now and i want to go on and get it out. I wont be buying anything for a while so I thought i need to go on and get it while I can. Later Ruby

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