Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 8, 2012

I will soon be in the process of buying a small camper. May have to wait till I get my Christmas bonus and money. I doubt I will get a lot of money back on income tax so I am going to try to pay for it in full next month. I may have to live in it one day. I need to start looking for some good health insurance after the first of the year. I can't afford it but I am going to make myself even if I have to work a second job. I will not be a part of the Obamacare insurance program. Enough of this political mumbo jumbo! I hear enough of it on the news. I am looking forward to my outing tomorrow afternoon with my niece Sarah. we are going to BElla Donna so she can get her nails done for her birthday. we are both looking forward to it. Ruby

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