Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 9,2012 Vacation Day 1

Today is the first day of my vacation. Time to recharge my batteries and enjoy a little rest and relaxation. Not for sure what I will be doing today but it will be what I want to do.

I bought a Sony Smart Tv box on eBay this morning. It was a great deal and I have been wanting one for a while. I couldn't afford a vacation away from home so I decided I wanted to buy another electronic device.

Sadie Belle had her puppies Wednesday night. She had them under the porch and won't come out even for food and water. I have been putting food under there for her. She is such a good momma. She is protecting her babies from the other dogs.

I was so overwhelmed with my vacation that I fell asleep watching a movie on Netflix. I got up and rode with Kincade to the levee and stopped by to see John. We had a good visit .

Back at home drinking Starbucks instant java mocha coffee. Think I will go back to my office and watch a little tv on my laptop and go to bed very early. Going to church in the morning and teaching Sunday School.


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