Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What is wrong with our country?

There are a lot of good things about our country but some decisions our countries leaders make really do disappoint me. We elect a president who could not produce a simple birth certificate, a cold blooded murderer walks free in Florida that murdered her little daughter, famous football players get off because they have money, and lets not forget the tragedy that happened outside of Coahoma county several years back where a family of 4 were tortured and murdered. The two men that committed that crime are in prison but may never be executed because one of them "bumped their head" while on death row and does not under why he is going to be executed. These are our leaders that serve our country and make us all look like fools.

I know I seem harsh at times but my words that are spoken are the truth. People judge me because of how I believe but if they would really sit down and think about it; I am politically correct.



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