Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 13, 2011

Had another wonderful weekend. Family came over Saturday and we all had fun. Mason planted my tulips around one of my trees. We cooked out and then had a bonfire and shot fireworks. Charley Brown played outfield while the kids played baseball.

Sunday was good too. I went to Ashley Norris' baby shower. Had a good time and got to see a lot of people. I stopped by Lesas and we watched tv and I helped her in the garden.

I planted some gladiolas bulbs and set out an herb plant. I want to get my rose bush planted next week. I am not good with a shovel so it takes me a while. I am going to set out more bulbs and a few plants next weekend. Gardening makes you feel better. I have to get motivated so I won't be so bored.


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