Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 8, 2011

I do hope we will be getting the long awaited snow everybody is talking about. I am all ready for it. Just waiting on it to happen.

I rode to clarksdale this morning to get some groceries and see what all is going on . I got what I needed and didn't spend much time looking around. There was a good many people in the stores but not like I expected. I got in and out in a hurry. I had a nice lunch at
The Ranchero and headed back home.

Showtime is free this weekend. Maybe there will be some good shows on this weekend. I will have some entertainment if I get snowed in. I am glad I got the Game Lounge on satellite because it makes the day go by faster.

I hope my feller can come over tomorrow. He is going to try before the weather gets bad. I miss him so much even though we talk several times a day and see each other several times a month. Hope to see him more often in a few weeks.


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