Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 29, 2011

What a beautiful day!!! It has been amazing today. I took a long walk with my dogs this morning. It felt great to be outside. The temp was around 70 today . I played with the dogs and had a great time.

Leo and kids came over this afternoon. We cooked hot dogs and did a little exploring. There were a lot of thorn bushes across the street when we tried to walk in those woods. We even got out the hammock and the kids loved that.

I went to Krogers this afternoon to buy groceries. I bought a lot of the sales and stocked up on them. I still need to buy a few more things for the pantry. I am going to make a trip to Southaven next weekend to buy more stuff. I have to stock up while I have the money. I will have something in case I run out of money.

I bought a blu ray DVD player Friday . Leo hooked it up in my room today . It sounds great. I was going to rent a blu ray DVD today but there wasn't much of a variety at Redbox. I rented Red and Buried
Buried was not a good movies. I will watch Red tonight. Leo said that was good.


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