Friday, October 31, 2014

October 16, 2014

I live a very frugal life. I shop wisely and use coupons, cook most of my meals at home, store water, use candles for lights most of the time, and make my own carbonated drinks. I have two older vehicles that are paid for that I keep running. All my furniture doesn't match and it was either given to me or I bought it used. I rent a decent home in a small town and I just got cable after being without tv for a year. I don't have any complaints and I am very happy. I don't understand how people can live now days if they have bills. There is no way I could buy a home, new car, and have nice matching furniture with what I make. I work a full time job, babysit on the side, and work from home. I work like that because I have too.

What ticks me off more than anything is seeing lazy people sitting under a tree drinking beer when they should be working. Lazy people in Mississippi!!!

What do you do extra to prepare?

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