Saturday, January 26, 2013

January 26, 2013

Woke up this morning @ 5:00 am. I went on and got up & made coffee. My head is hurting right now. My ankle is still hurting but not as bad as yesterday. I am getting old and I need health insurance.

I am going to Hernando to my pastors wife's memorial. She fought a long, hard battle with COPD for years. She is with Jesus now.

I was going to carry my Maggie Belle with me today. Wanted to go in Petco and let her look around. I don't want to leave her in the car while I am in stores. One weekend we are going up there and spent the day together.

I am trying to decide on a place to "bug out" to next weekend. Arkansas is a good place to go because they don't have a lot of Democrats in the Ozarks. May not go that far but Forrest City, Stuttgart, and Hot Springs are on my list. The fun of not making a plan ahead of time is what it's all about. Don't really have a lot of money to go but that's all part of it too.

The Guardians will meet again on Monday night. I am excited about being part of it.
My bug out weekend is to help the group find a safe haven if anything happens. I am gong to take another trip in March when I have a little extra money.


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