Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 13, 2012

I am sitting at the library again thinking about life and what is going on in this country. Cut backs at work are hurting me so bad. I am behind on my rent 2 months and it seems there is no way around it. I get my paycheck and subtract what I make before taxes and from what I receive. I am paying out close to $700.00 a month of money that I will never see again. I am paying for food stamps, welfare, WIC, SNAP, Section 8 housing, etc. I will never benefit from what they are taking out of my paycheck. I am basicially working to live and thats it. I have three days of vacation left that I need to use by the end of this year. I am going to use it too. I am going to take off a week from Monday and go look for a part time job that i can work at nights for a while. Its my only alternative. I am selling my SUV to get some money back in the bank to help me with living. I hope to be moving to Arkansas in the next few years. Heck, it maybe next year. I am just trying to make it right now. Ruby

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  1. Ruby look into getting a grant or loans for school ... look into any programs they may have near you. That was how i got out of a cycle of low paying jobs years and years ago. May be more difficult now (sigh what isn't) but may be a way to help.