Saturday, July 7, 2012

June 6, 2012

I work so hard every day at work. I have so many responsibilities and very little recognition. I need a raise so bad since overtime has been cut out. I found out I am the lowest paid girl at Saf T Cart and I have been there the longest. I need to either get a raise or get another job. I was so hurt and humiliated when I found out. They talking I am the highest paid one there and you job is meaningless. I am going to end up getting a part time job this fall in a gin or grocery store.

I want to go to Arkansas so bad but I can't afford to make the trip even for just a day or two. I need to get away and just relax. I decided I need to take my vacation days instead of hold them for the money. I will have to play catch up when I get back because it nothing will be done.

Had a great time with family at The Ranchero last night. We all had a great time. Wish Leo could've made it but he was still working. I want to do that more often.


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