Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6, 2010

Its another day in the world of Ruby. I haven't felt good today. I am here so I am not on my deathbed.

It was really cold last night and this morning. I got up around 6:20am and started my morning routine. I didn't drink my coffee at home this morning because I had to do some errands before work. The gym was closed because of the cold weather so I didn't get to walk this morning. I am going to buy a tank of gas Friday and hope they can deliver it to me Saturday morning. I am trying to use up the gas in the tank outside since I am not using that company. I hope to get it all used up by at least Friday or Sunday. I have to get the new tank delivered and be able to let them in so they can check the air pressure inside. I bought a little electric heater this morning at Wal-Mart. I am going to use it in the bedroom tonight and see if it can heat good in there. I can save gas until I get some put in. I hope this little heater can heat good in there. I am going to make sure I have a bath and hair washed tonight so I wont be running around trying to do it in the morning.

So far things are working out well with my water situation. I am getting the water from work to drink, bath, clean up , and flush. I didn' t realize just how much water a person needs a day just for daily things. I am using the big cat litter jugs for water to flush my toilets with. Old milk jugs works great for drinking and cooking. I could really do this if it wasn't so cold outside. If it were summer; I would be just fine.

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