Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 8, 2013

This weekend went well.  Friday after work; I picked up Maggie from the veterinarian and carried her home.  Saturday afternoon I stayed home and went to eat at The Ranchero with my friend Becky.  

Bruce and I talked and text all day Saturday.  He had to work all day.  His little boy spent the night with him so I didn't get to see him.  Maybe next weekend because it's not his weekend.  Don't know the fate of us but so far it won't go any further than what it is now.

I am going to my brothers this morning after church and Sunday school.  I will go back in a few weekends to the flea market.

I am going to start packing as soon as it gets a little cooler.  I can't stand it while its so hot.  I have to decide what I want and what I want to keep.  I am getting rid of all my big stuff.  I think I will give it all to Mildred and Sonny Pharis.  I will pile them in the corner and slowly move them once I find a place I want to move.  I have to make sure I can get a job first.

We are supposed to get a raise soon.  What I get will decide how much longer I will be there.  I really don't like the pay and how they take advantage of me.  When I found out the new girls even make more than me; I almost walked out.  I plan on giving a notice but not staying the whole two weeks.  Not being mean but it's just business.  I am going to leave on good times though.  They have been good to me.  They just looked past me when they gave the other girls a raise.  It's more of a pissed off attitude I have right now.


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